Hallow’s End! Dual Class Arenas.

Lately I’ve been trying the new dual class arenas in Hearthstone. For those of you who don’t know, the Hallow’s End event has changed arena so that after you pick your first class, you then have to pick a hero power to go with your chosen class. Once you pick your two classes, your draft will contain cards from both classes! There are also some fancy new hero portraits when you play arena during this one-week event! If you haven’t played already, everyone gains one free Arena ticket, so you have nothing to lose for trying the Arena.




The classes of Hearthstone brought costumes to Hallow’s End! Here’s Rexxar, dressed up as Deputy Rexxar!





There’s a lot of crazy stuff that can happen when you combine cards from different classes. During this game, I managed to pull off turn 5 Preparation + Ultimate Infestation after a turn 4 Nourish. The dream!



One thing I like about this event is being successful with unusual class combinations. I expected to do a lot worse with this Rogue-Warrior draft, so getting 6 wins was a small surprise.


Class balance in this new arena isn’t too surprising. Mage, Druid and Paladin seem to be the best. Mage is amazing as always, since they have a lot of strong spells at Common rarity. Druid also seems to be very strong because of the quality of their¬†Frozen Throne¬†cards, which also have an offering bonus, and you also seem to get at least one Ultimate Infestation more often than not. Paladin is a solid pick since they have a lot of great cards in their arena pool like Righteous protector. Although Rogue is usually a great Arena class, it is weaker if you don’t have the Rogue hero power because you’re forced to pass on cards like Deadly Poison and Envenom Weapon.


I’ve been having a lot of fun trying out different class combinations! So far I’ve tried Druid-Rogue, Druid-Shaman, Shaman-Rogue, Paladin-Shaman, Mage-Hunter, Rogue-Priest, Druid-Hunter, and probably a lot more that I can’t remember. If you haven’t tried the event already, give it a shot. This event comes with a free Arena ticket, so the worst that can happen is you go 0-3 and you lose your free ticket.

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